Chennai and Kanchipuram are full of culture and tradition. Various dynasty and king ruled over these places. Then came the British, who unified the Tamil region under them. Their rule resulted in creation of some of the most beautiful art and architecture.

One of the most exquisite architecture is the Mahabalipuram in the ECR road. It has been listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. It defines the Pallava architecture. It is one of the best heritage spots in India. Other historic places include tiger cave and Alamparia fort. Anyone who wants to revisit the past and live the glory can visit the place. It gives a sense of the lifestyle of the great kings. In the midst of this location, the Greater Swarnabhoomi stands tall.

Religious Monuments:

The greater swarnabhoomi which lies in the ECR stretch is dotted with the temples. The Marundeeswarar Temple lies in beginning of the coastal road.

Thiruvidandai- One of the 108 important places for the vaishnaivites.

Thameem Ansari baba darga is famous shrine in kovelong which is of historical importance.

Other places of interest:

  • Muthukadu boat house
  • Dakshina Chitra
  • Cholamandalam artist village
  • Madras crocodile bank

Greater Swarnabhoomi is located in the midst of these beautiful tourist spots. These tourist locations were also one of the factors which were taken into consideration for site location of swarnabhoomi.