Education is an integral part of any social setup. It makes human a better human and empowers them with qualities for improving ones standard of life which is a scares commodity in India- and we have not forgotten that. The concept of greater swarnabhoomi encompasses and acknowledges this very fact. Moving forward with this agenda greater swarnabhoomi is strategically located in cheyur. Greater swarnabhoomi acts a reservoir and single point of convergence for all educational institutions in and around Chennai, Chengalpattu, Tiindivanam, and its sphere of influence stretches up to Pondicherry. Commuting won’t be a problem as it lies in the ECR stretch.

There are thousands of schools and colleges which cater to the needs of resident of the greater swarnabhoomi. In the long run greater swarnabhoomi will itself accommodate a world class education facility.

The core

Within the greater swarnabhoomi lies the MARG swarnabhoomi which is the core. It is a completely integrated and self sustaining mega unit having all the infrastructure facility to sustain itself.

The components

  • Residential unit
  • Industrial unit
  • Science and Innovation Park
  • Research and Development center