Carbon Conscious Initiatives at Marg Swarnabhoomi

Unlike modern cities that stand out as a different entity, away from nature and health, Marg Swarnabhoomi is taking concrete steps towards merging with nature, and becoming a carbon-conscious ecosystem. Our commitment is a comprehensive plan that includes various facets of sustainable living.

Lush Green Campus

Spanning an expansive 612 acres, Marg Swarnabhoomi is already home to 30,000 trees of different varieties that contribute significantly to the local ecosystem. However, our dedication goes beyond the present landscape. Recognising the significant role of trees as natural purifiers, carbon sinks, and oxygen generators, we aim to increase our green cover through an ambitious plantation drive. Over the coming years, we plan to plant a million more trees in a phased manner, strengthening the environment, as well as the climate resilience.

Permeable Roads and Circular Economy

Collaborating with like-minded intellectuals, we are planning to lay out permeable roads. These roads allow rainwater to seamlessly merge into the soil, improving the groundwater table and mitigating the risk of water scarcity. Our ultimate goal is to promote a circular economy within Marg Swarnabhoomi, ensuring that water is used judiciously and not wasted.

Farm-to-Table Concept:

In our endeavor to reduce the carbon footprint, Marg Swarnabhoomi is embracing a farm-to-table concept. We are committed to cultivating organic and fresh produce on-site, providing residents with wholesome, healthy options. This initiative not only supports sustainable agriculture but also aligns with our belief that nourishing food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle.

Encouraging Sustainable and Green Commuting

Recognizing the impact of transportation on carbon emissions, we, at Marg Swarnabhoomi, encourage a healthier and Eco-friendly way—a walk to work concept that’s famous within our community. By strategically designing our residential complex to be just minutes away from workplaces, we plan to not only reduce carbon emissions but also promote physical and mental well-being among our residents. We also have electric shuttle services and EV Charging stations that keep our environment clean.

Planned Food Forests

Marg Swarnabhoomi is set to introduce planned food forests dedicated to nurturing good health of the residents and maintaining the microclimate of the region. These intentional green spaces will contribute to the overall well-being while ensuring that the natural balance of the environment is preserved. Above mentioned are just a few of the carbon-conscious initiatives at Marg Swarnabhoomi that we’ve shared with you. They reflect a holistic approach to sustainable living. From reforestation efforts and Eco-friendly infrastructure to promoting circular economies and healthy eating habits, every facet of our commitment is geared towards creating a resilient and environmentally responsible community. As we continue to grow during this journey, we look forward to setting a model for sustainable development and inspiring others to follow suit.