Company Profile

MARG Swarnabhoomi is not about building things; it is a thought process and innovation that foresee the future and gives back to the Mother Nature from whom we have taken a lot. Welcome to the land of new thinking where every possibility is made into dream and we dream big and green.

MARG Swarnabhoomi is determined to create a self sustaining ecologically balanced niche for human needs and wants. We believe in sustainable development keeping in mind the next generation. The future will be affected by global warming and climate change which left unchecked will be disastrous to our kids.

Components of MARG Swarnabhoomi

  • Platinum rated city for its green component.
  • Self sustaining water treatment plant
  • Fuel and energy efficient technology

Keystones of MARG Swarnabhoomi

Education, research, innovation and industry are seed elements which compliment and supplement each other and build a unique ecosystem. These components create skilled workforce, result in increase in number patents, drive innovation, ignite minds. These processes will act as chain reaction and will help to attain critical mass for innovative India.

Greater Swarnabhoomi

The concept of Greater Swarnabhoomi has its roots in urban decongestion. It, in due course will create a satellite town around Chennai with a twin objectives of urban decongestion and all purpose location. The Greater Swarnabhoomi in near future will create spread effect and a holistic mega urban agglomeration zone which will act as a greater component of MARG Swarnabhoomi.