• Institution

    Greater swarnabhoomi acts a reservoir and single point of convergence for all educational institutions in and around Chennai, Chengalpattu, Tiindivanam, and its sphere of influence stretches up to Pondicherry.Read more
  • Entertainment

    Slam bang party on the wheels, an entertainment corridor for the Chennaites. A joy ride on the cards, for those who believe in Greater Swarnabhoomi.Read more
  • Industries

    Feel the power of self reliance and get a job in the industries around Greater Swarnabhoomi. These areas has much to offer.Read more
  • Infrastructure

    Accessed by all means, Greater Swarnabhoomi has no dearth for transport and communication and boost of all weather connectivity.Read more
  • Real Estate

    Greater Swarnabhoomi is mushroomed with property developer and realtors who have realized the potential and want a piece of it.Read more
  • Tourism

    Enter into the lost world of the kings and relive the past. Relish art and architecture of the Pallavas and find some inner peace in the temples on the ECR and Greater Swarnabhoomi.Read more
Welcome to
Greater Swarnabhoomi
The concept of Greater Swarnabhoomi has its roots in urban decongestion. It, in due course will create a satellite town around Chennai with a twin objectives of urban decongestion and all purpose location. The Greater Swarnabhoomi in near future will create spread effect and a holistic mega urban agglomeration zone which will act as a greater component of MARG Swarnabhoomi.